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Our Story

Our Story

Festival of Country Gardens was established in 1999 by a group of people within the Blackwood Valley region keen to showcase gardens.

The Festival of Country Gardens organisation has become an enormous success from its infancy, helping to bring visitors to the region. Visitors also enjoy the many other businesses and activities found in the Blackwood Valley region.

Private gardens are open as part of the Festival of Country Gardens program welcoming growing numbers of visitors each year with monies from visitor entries going back to gardeners and their chosen charities.

The Blackwood Country Gardens Inc. trading as The Festival of Country Gardens was established so visitors from around the country could continue to enjoy the sharing of gardens in the South West of Western Australia and to bring garden lovers together.

The Festival of Country Gardens conduct a two day festival in Autumn and a four day festival in Spring each year. We encourage everyone to take up membership and welcome members to become active in running our yearly program.

What's Involved

Festival of Country Gardens actively seeks interested gardeners to share their inspiring gardens with the public.

Opening your garden provides inspiration, motivation and learning for visitors, young and old, and can be a wonderful experience for you as the gardeners. It is also a great way to support your chosen charity or community group. The aim is to select a wide variety of gardens to cater to a range of audiences and specialised interests. Selected gardens may vary in size from small gardens to large rural properties. As there is a lot of interest in hosting an Open Garden the selection committee uses a set of criteria which includes design, style, plant material, sustainability, historical interest and location.

We’ll talk you through what is involved in opening your garden and arrange a time to visit. If your garden is selected, the Festival of Country Gardens committee will guide you through the process.

Expressions of Interest

If you are interested in opening your garden or would just like to discuss the possibility for the future please go to the Contact page.

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